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Management accounts

Most business men and women have objectives they want to achieve to realise those objectives for the business you should make a plan and, if you plan, you need to measure the business performance. This is where Huw John & Co. can help. We can assist you in developing the plan - not by giving you the answers but by asking questions and offering suggestions. Not all our questions may be relevant, not all suggestions good, but we will get you thinking. Your plan is in two parts - the overall strategy of what you would like to achieve and, in the short term, the plan that marks for each milestone. Once you have developed the plan we can measure the performance.

To measure the plan for most it is better to take an overall view of the business:

  • it is easier and quicker to review and...
  • it is flexible

You can measure your plan against your own standards or a bench mark or compare the performance against other business. Normally it will be both.

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